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Spanish soccer champioship

Championship Spanish soccer champioship 2018·03·16

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El proyecto TUBALLOY culmina con éxito su primera fase

INVESTIGACIÓN COLABORATIVA El proyecto TUBALLOY culmina con éxito su primera fase 2018·03·15

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Project DRIVES is officially launched

EUROPEAN PROJECT Project DRIVES is officially launched 2018·03·14

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Team Coaches para LEINN

REF. TEAM COACH LEINN Team Coaches para LEINN 2018·03·13

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Schedule - Events

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1 Mar  / 14 Jun

Spring internal championship

All campuses | Sport facilities

8 Mar

Open days - Bilbao Berrikuntza Faktoria

BILBAO | Uribitarte, 6

19 Apr

Open days - Campus Bidasoa

IRUN | Plaza Leandro Agirretxe, 1

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Learning from Reality


A university that has constructed its own educational model, exportable around the world.


A university linked to companies, to reality, where “learning by doing” is not a slogan, it is the DNA.


People cooperate, co-create, relate with each other and are educated in an atmosphere of trust, are the main characters in our University.


A culture of entrepreneurial, hard-working people committed to a project for society.

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"Through project-work methodology we have carried out work that seemed impossible."
"Already since the first year I have been able to combine university life with my company experience."
"On completing our studies we realise how many things we are capable of doing."
"I would like to get to know Nordic gastronomy in a top-class restaurant in Sweden."